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by Torrential Downpour

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gregory duveau
gregory duveau thumbnail
gregory duveau Waw la moiss'batt' que c'est ce disque !!! Merci les gars pour cette galette osée !!!
C'est unique, pour les metalleux qui aiment les choses nouvelles.
Poesy Rider
Poesy Rider thumbnail
Poesy Rider La comparaison s'arrête vite, mais on pourrait dire que TD fait sur un EP ce que Devin Townsend fait sur ses albums : d'abord une grande baffe dans la tronche pour vous prendre ensuite délicatement par la main (la même main !) et vous emmener vers la contemplation...jusqu'au prochain passage dangereux. Bref, un EP qui s'inclut à la perfection dans le reste de la discographie. Favorite track: Insufferable.
𝙅𝙤𝙚 𝙎𝙥𝙞𝙣𝙚𝙡𝙡
𝙅𝙤𝙚 𝙎𝙥𝙞𝙣𝙚𝙡𝙡 thumbnail
𝙅𝙤𝙚 𝙎𝙥𝙞𝙣𝙚𝙡𝙡 So how many dimensions were there in a quantum universe? This record must've bent all of them, so physicists, check your calculations. Complex perfection at it's finest and not too mathcore for my taste. Rudess' piano must be mentioned, out of this world. Favorite track: Apperceptive Mass (ft. Jordan Rudess).
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Lyrics: new concepts born out of the antecedant apperceptive mass the necessity of antiquity to decimate the ways of old and deliver me a percept of reality the hodiernal mind retiform; neurons expanding omnicent opsimath has no such luxery as biding time we are all finite weaving meaning out of this nothing; its all illusion pain and love: dangerous and magical thinking depression builds a hole where I dwell and call home i've unlearned passion i rear ire this cause seems lost, look for beacons peace through waveforms this cause is lost, please god peace through waveforms obnubilate peace through waveforms my being peace through waveforms; flatlining waveforms all my thoughts succuss considering the ways I haven't messed up using the trauma of the past to quicken my ardor for the times I have wanted to live I've been uncentered for way to long apperceptive mass - finds me a new home noctambulist finally opens their eyes the malady of everyday keeps them awake and accords incrassate tears.
Insufferable 04:40
Lyrics: high on failing got to get a grip on whats important i've slept on opportunities to better myself short sighted goals of pleasure to trigger dopamine responses have served me no good in my current situation procrastination is killing me buried under guilt, please - set me free i will fall "be afraid" is my new mantra giving into every whim of the parasites controlling me all day self hate resonates loudly i can't escape the call to die please leave me be stop the screaming i am alone - the weakened left to die in its misery not coming back - behold - the final version of what is me every war fought inside my own head is a battle of attrition a vision a bastion just be gone apathetic notions dig deep inside you don't care what happens to me i tried living and i'm fucking desperate oh god please help me a massive shift insufferable deep pain i'm fighting tooth and nail to try and save whats left of me the curses of my thoughts determined to fill my grave one thing that i know is it will not quit - the message is clear - conscise - the future is now here i will suffer
Lyrics: scorpion mother gone abandonment of the new born light Ismael lost looking for the end no way out this is but a dream, this is a fucking horrid dream, wake me up gross indifference to your kid nothing to behold teaching me the ways i have learned i am a product of hate this barred love mazlows needs denied colors my internal fears red a vibrant reminder that i hate existing six months alone no love no hope i scream it burns charred burn it up, my heart breathe deep - close your eyes don't worry - inside you will heal again grow every step you take brings me closer to you now time will heal every wound that you have amassed looking to short winters, in the sun we shall bask feeling all this hatred for which i have not asked hoping that this transitory moment will pass learn to love myself, oh man now there is a task hate runs deep inside but really how can it last want to kill myself but really that is the past falling down, i get up just to put on a mask please let me be don't look at me calling for strength inside - i'm burning red the sunken pit internal shit crossing arms battle scars marks my skin all the way up adoption breeds self hate i am the fate of the world engulfed by the sun - we're all scorched infernal ways of being afraid presses the knife in my brain oh (x7) ground gives way to the fall crumble in dust, bury the hate thats grown in me follow my heart of gray theres more I have to say (phone message to Ismael) inhale into your lungs love draw deep breaths and sigh - you're safe and beautiful - you are lucky to exist at all your friends are lucky too celebrate the love you share don't dwell on the past boo in you is me and in me theres always you.
Old Familiar 04:22
Lyrics: everyday exhausting from the moment that i awake contempt, doubt, feeling inadequate keeps digging into my brain all is lost i'm falling apart i'm calling it off sleep with the ghosts won't restart pulling the plug i've had enough don't try to stop liar i've played but a fool abandonment at the core of my internal fears ever seeking approval, i played with her heart failing to dismiss the pain of my past can i keep from waking; not sure that i can fare letting down friends and family is way more than i can bare null and void since has expired shelf life is not strong spoils in the cold - i want to die defy advice from my mind poised to retry barely get by voices of the fallen ones whisper harmful nothings into my inner ear i get by taking drugs; i have nowhere to escape from my own mind the past haunts me be afraid, time is nigh reckoning beckoninig me to evacuate try again although the screams continue to wage war on myself and beat my sense of self into nothing more than nothing
Incognition 06:06
Lyrics: cold waves crash over silence of the old ways sow these thoughts. perfect. gold. honest intentions...,


The 4th studio album by Space Metal architects Torrential Downpour. Solidifying 20 years as a band, "TwentyTwentyTwenty" is the groups most refined offering to date.

"This opus is sure to conjure new visceral dimensions you were never aware of before." - Metal Injection

"One of the best albums of the year." "Start to finish, I don't consider it hyperbole to call it a tour de force." - Metal Trenches

"Almost too math for prog metal, but too prog for mathcore, TwentyTwentyTwenty is a devastating brain scramble of a listen." - Heavy Blog is Heavy


released October 23, 2020

Torrential Downpour is:

Costa - Drums
Cece - Bass
Volpe - Guitar, Samples
PrKr - Voice, Vocal Manipulation, Synths

"Apperceptive Mass" features Jordan Rudess on the piano. We are forever grateful for his contribution.

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Kevin Antreassian at Backroom Studios, Rockaway, NJ. Additional engineering by Mikhail Marinas and Matt Cece. Produced by Matt Cece and Torrential Downpour.

All songs written by Torrential Downpour. All lyrics by PrKr.

Cover Photo by Prkr
Artwork by John Bryan

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©2020 Torrential Downpour/Flooded Productions (BMI)


all rights reserved



Torrential Downpour Haworth, New Jersey

Torrential Downpour is a mixture of technical and progressive metal coupled with post rock tendencies; highlighted by vocal manipulation, electronic noise, and subtle ambience. Some people call it Space Metal.

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